Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle
Alkaline Water Bottle

Alkaline Water Bottle

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  • NugaBest Sense 50 is a water ionizer, it gives drinking water negative potential and alkaline properties. Sense 50 has tourmanium ceramics plus 5 mineral balls, magnesium ball, mineral ball, max fir ball, antibiotic ceramic ball, and alkali ball. It consists of a 0.5 liters Plastic bottle and a mineralization filter located inside. 
  • Sense 50 is designed to enrich drinking water with anions and increases the pH. Use of ionized water to improve its taste. NugaBest Sense 50 water ionizer allows you to drink living water daily, which is designed specifically for water ionization. 
  •  Regular use of gently softened water quickly and positively affects the fluidity of your blood, the condition of blood vessels, the digestive tract and the condition of the joints and spine. 
  • It has the following health benefits; 

    • anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body) 
    • colon-cleansing properties. 
    • Improve the body’s immune system. 
    • Hydration of the body. 
    • improves the skin health.  
    • It detoxifies the body. 
    • Treatment of stomach disorders e.g ulcers, bloating  
    • Improves digestion. 
    • Helps in weight loss 
    • Improves metabolism. 

"Lack of water is the cause for all kinds of illness, you must drink enough of good water everyday.!"