NM2500S - NugaBest Single Mat
NM2500S - NugaBest Single Mat

NM2500S - NugaBest Single Mat

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  • NugaBest NM 2500S Far Infrared Thermal Tourmanium Mattress is made from Tourmanium ceramic and based on principles of Oriental treatment of Moxibustion and Acupressure, as well as Negative Ions and Magnetic Therapy. It can be used in bed or in the living room to promote good health and immune system, or relaxation. Can be used as an aid for many health-related problems such as asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, migraine, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases e.g systematic lupus erythromatosus, pain, menstrual pain and sleep problems or pure prevention and recovery. 
  • Infrared heat rays make our cells work efficiently and are a well-known method that helps to balance metabolism and even known to burn energy without physical activity, which is also known from infrared saunas. 
  • Tourmanium ceramic is an alloy of tourmaline, germanium, elvan and volcanic rocks. It is a source of infrared heat, magnetic therapy, and ionization. It saturates the air with Negatively Charged Ions. The quality of air near Tourmanium ceramics can be compared with the air at the seaside or early in the morning.The mattress does not require special preparation for use, can be used by everyone in the family.
  •  Features that can benefit your body:  
    • To improve the functioning of the circulatory system        
    • To increase the intensity of the oxygen saturation of the blood 
    • Strengthen the walls of the blood vessels 
    • Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood 
    • Purify the blood and prevent thrombosis 
    • Get rid of fats and salt deposits 
    • Purify the body of toxins 
    • Help in the healing of arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatic joint lesions, post-traumatic manifestations in the musculoskeletal system 
    • Localize and remove inflammation and accelerate wound healing 
    • Normalize sleep, improve stress resistance, stabilize the Central and Autonomous nervous system 
    • Help in the healing of autoimmune diseases e.g systematic lupus erythromatosus 
    • Achieve a stable anti-aging effect thus slowing down aging process 
    • Accelerate metabolism in the body  
    • Improve skin condition 
    • Reduce the risk of developing tumors, including malignant tumors.