N4 - NugaBest Thermal Massage Bed
N4 - NugaBest Thermal Massage Bed

N4 - NugaBest Thermal Massage Bed

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  • NugaBest N4 is a premium product of Nuga Best. N4 has a number of additional functions, which makes it a convenient and practical tool for the recovery of the whole family. Massage on N4 is qualitatively different from traditional massage, because the pressure on the body is not from the top down, but from the bottom up under the weight of the human body.  
  • NugaBest N4 incorporates the eastern and western medical principles (Acupressure, Moxibustion, Deep Heat, Massage, Far Infrared Rays, Anions, TENS - Low Frequency) and is integrated with 21st century leading Korean technology.  

  • *Positive Testimonials from this product include:* 

    • Relaxes the mind and body.
    • Increases blood oxygenation and circulation.
    • Aids in the removal of toxic wastes.
    • Provides relief from head, neck and shoulder aches.
    • Stimulates speedy healing of injuries.
    • Increases energy levels.
    • Increases overall feeling of psychological and physical well-being.
    • Decreases labour pains. (Muscle Tension/Pains) 
    • Finished Insomnia, Headache, Migraine, Sinus
    • Cholesterol control, Blood Pressure, Weight loss
    • Detoxification, Skin Tone
    • Blood circulation, Metabolism, Immune System, Joint Mobility
    • Fatigue, Stress, Balancing Energy Flow, General Well being, Healthy Growth
    • Restore the joints after the physical overwork.
    • Improve blood circulation in muscles and restore cartilage.
    • Assists against edema (swelling due to fluid)and inflammations. 
    • Removes pain in the joints.
    • Prevents osteoporosis(brittle bones)
    • Helps body to produce NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) which destroy Cancer.
    • Improves growth.
    • Increases the creation of white blood cells.
    • Provide good support for your neck for comfortable sleep.

NugaBest N4 has the following advanced design features;

Built-in multi-function remote control 

  • The remote can be turned thus choosing a position in which the control of the massager will be as comfortable as possible. Convenient buttons allow you to control the massager. 

 Two Internal  Projector 

  • Two internal projectors moving simultaneously stimulate the entire spine from the cervical to the thoracic and lumbar, providing effective massage and thermal effects. The main equipment Mat has 2 projectors; 
  1. Roll-projector of the cervical spine: 
  • A separate projector for the cervical spine, covered with a soft silicone shell on the outside, allows you to effectively work out the neck area and the upper part of the thoracic spine. 

2.  Roll-projector of lumbar and thoracic spine: 

  • The Tourmanium projector with the exposure to heat and pressure point massage, gently moving along the curves of the spine gives a range of healthful effects. Internal Tourmanium projector is made of tourmanium ceramic, which emits infrared radiation to give a weak magnetic field and ionizes the air when heated. Internal projector provides massage of the longitudinal muscles of the back and spine, acts on biologically active points associated with internal organs, makes cauterization and deep warming of the body. 

 Thermal Tourmanium Mat

  • Tourmanium ceramic and far infrared heat helps to normalize blood circulation in the legs during the massage. Ceramics greatly improves the blood circulation in calves of the legs. Infrared heat improves metabolism, reduces pain and strengthens the immune system. Tourmanium Heat Mat eliminates back muscle spasms, relieves acute back pain. 

External Tourmanium Projector with five balls 

  • It helps to additionally influence the problem and pain areas with long-wave infrared rays thus increases the efficiency of the internal projector through heating mode hence accelerating the solution of the problem. The projector is convenient to heat any part of the body to reduce fatigue, inflammation, pain, and improve blood circulation and lymph flow. 

 TENS - Low Frequency Belt 

  • Low-frequency belt improves blood circulation, reduces back pain, promotes fat burning, improves the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens muscles. Thanks to a fairly long cord and elastic rubber band with velcro for easy attachment to the body, the belt can be used not only while on the massage bed, but also while doing household chores in the room. 

Individual size adjustment 

  • Depending on the height of the user, the massager can be adjusted in length. This allows you to achieve maximum comfort when using the massage bed.  

 Foldable bottom part 

  • The lower heating part of the massager can be folded, which allows the most efficient use of space. Also, in the folded position, you can carry out heating of the calf muscles as you sit on the massager.