Nugabest T20 NDT mat
Nugabest T20 NDT mat
Nugabest T20 NDT mat

Nugabest T20 NDT mat

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The tourmanium mat T20 is made of tourmanium ceramics and one of the latest inventions of Nuga Medical: "Nano Diamond Tourmanium (NDT). T20 helps to relax the muscles, relieve fatigue, emotional tension and restore sleep. which allows to achieve the most useful effect. Discs of Nano diamond Tourmanium Ceramics are lined with a pattern in the middle of the product – so that it was more effective to warm up important areas: the upper thoracic region, the lower back and the lower part of the human body.

Korean engineers together with scientists from the German Fraunhofer Institute have developed a new unique material – Nano-Diamond Tourmanium Ceramic, NDT (silver ceramics):

  • has increased thermal conductivity (heats up faster and keeps heat better);
  • +10% of long-wave infrared rays (more effectively improves blood circulation);
  • +5% ionization (purifies and saturates the air with useful ions, as in the mountains, on the sea).


Infrared Heating - relaxing effect on the nervous system, and Negatively Charged Ions help to purify the air in the room. T20 has the benefit of heat and ionizations.

The T20 – Strong, but at the same time Thin and Flexible, it"adapts"to the human body. Nuga Best produces a device with a radically new heating element - Carbon Fabric!

Features and Effects:


  • Stimulate metabolism, relieve pain, soothe and helps you relax completely.
  • Infrared heat rays make our cells work hard and are a well-known method that helps to balance metabolism and even known to burn energy without physical activity, which is also known from infrared saunas.
  • Mat creates a magnetic field similar to the natural magnetic field of the person, which can be used during the day with almost no restrictions.
  • Mat is a source of negatively charged ions when heated. In the immediate vicinity of the Mat, the concentration of negatively charged air ions is equivalent to sea or forest air.
  • Ease the pain, calm down and relax completely. 
  • Stimulate the growth and development of the body and its organs. 
  • Helps maintain balance in your digestive system. 
  • Regulates and stabilizes the body's fluid balance. 
  • Helps the body release its waste. 
  • Stimulate cells to burn energy.
  • Promotes detoxification and purification of blood.
  • Eliminates allergies,arthritis and many more lifestyle diseases.