T9 Belt
T9 Belt
T9 Belt
T9 Belt

T9 Belt

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What is a T9 massage belt?

  • This is the latest and unique Tourmanium massager. Tourmanium ceramic is an exclusive invention of the South Korean company Nuga Medicals providing strong health and rejuvenating effect on the human body.
  • Ergonomically Designed Tourmanium Thermal Therapy T9 Belt.  It is multi functional thermal therapy device which protects internal body organs and various parts of our body. Simply wrap around your waist anytime anywhere and start getting the health benefits.
  • It has unique healing capabilities: It improves metabolic processes, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, helps in the healing of autoimmune diseases e.g systematic lupus erythromatosus, improves blood circulation, cleans blood vessels, removes toxins and poisons from the body, improves the general condition of a person. With a constant action of the Tourmanium, the high blood pressure decreases, the blood dilutes with increased viscosity.
  • Use of the Tourmanium belt is indicated with frequent catarrhal diseases to strengthen the immune system, with vascular dystonia, headaches, with asthmatic and allergic manifestations, people with increased weather sensitivity, endocrine disorders in a state of depression, increased fatigue and irritability, as well as post-stroke and post-infarction stages to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

What is the health effect of the T9 massage belt?

  • When it becomes hot under far-infrared light, then it will release far-infrared heat and it will be becoming a source of ionization and electromagnetic therapy.The far-infrared light provides the greatest benefit for the rejuvenation of the human body. The body freely passes infrared waves, because they correspond to the spectrum of radiation of the healthy cells.
  • Under the influence of infrared heat, blood supply improves and metabolism is accelerated, fatty deposits are reduced, blood pressure normalised, spasms relaxed, immunity strengthened.When the surface of Tourmanium ceramics is heated up, electric charges arise that cause ionization of the air. The human body absorbs only ionized oxygen, which improves metabolism, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces the likelihood of blood clots, increases blood thinning with increased viscosity.
  • The source of electromagnetic therapy in the belt is a Tourmanium ceramic. Each cell of our body has its own electromagnetic field and without it, there would be no metabolism. If the magnetic field is weak, health problems begin.
  • By acting on biologically active points with heat and cauterization, the Tourmanium belt revitalizes the whole human body. These are the oldest eastern methods of treatment and the scientists from Nuga Medicals gave it a new life.When you do a cauterization, the number of leukocytes in the blood will increase and the immune system becomes stronger. When you do heating, the body responds to the growth of capillaries, and they contribute to body rejuvenation.
  • When you are using a belt, then your body receives acupressure using a method of ancient oriental medicine. To the place of pressure will come fresh blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, muscles will relax and calm down, and the condition of the cells will improve and rejuvenate enhancing body immunity.

Variants of use T9: 

  • The convenience of the T9 is it can be wrapped around the waist or any other part of the body. Thanks to a special elastic insert, it will adapt to any shape of the body. After securing the heated belt, you can disconnect the wire and walk around the house etc.doing your own business, because the Tourmanium ceramics retain heat for a really long time.Depending on the chosen position, the T9 will provide various improving and rejuvenating functions.
  • If you use the T9 on the collar zone it will eliminate headaches, dizziness, improve blood flow to the brain, normalize your sleeping, and improve mental activity.
  • Securing the massager on the chest, you can warm up the lungs and bronchi. It improves the respiratory system and will get rid of a cough and a range of viral infections.Warming up and massage of the stomach will reduce fat deposits, improve the work of the stomach, normalize the functions of the intestines, and eliminate constipation. Cellulite on the stomach is eliminated and shape is improved as well.
  • The use of the T9 around buttocks will correct their shape, make the muscles elastic, eliminates cellulite, help to remove slags and excess water, speed up the circulation of the lymph.Warming up your back and waist will prevent your body from getting osteochondrosis and developing disk hernias: heat relaxes the muscles, the vertebral segments receive gentle stretching, and the pressure inside the disc will decrease.
  • The length of the belt allows you to warm up the entire spine - from the neck to the tailbone. If you have problems with your back you also must sleep on your belt all night long.If you use regularly the T9 on the joints it will relieve muscle spasm, return movement ability and improve the flow of calcium into bone tissue.
  • You also can sit on T9, using it in the crotch area. It is useful for normalizing the menstrual cycle, improving sexual functions, sciatica nerve inflammation, and adhesions in the pelvic region.Foot massage with T9 relieves joint pain, eliminates spurs and cracks, reduces foot sweating, improves blood circulation, accelerates recovery after fractures, and lower limb injuries.
  • On the outer surface of the belt, in the pocket-kangaroo flat-face disks are placed. With their help, you can warm up the stomach and hands, improving blood flow and easing the pain in the joints of the hands/palms.

Why is the T9 massage belt the best for healing?

  • Tourmanium Thermal massager T9 - this is a real spa at your own home. The massager will strengthen health for your entire family, and it has no age restrictions.Tourmanium ceramics is highly useful for children, it harmonizes kids growth process, strengthens immunity and increases resistance to colds, viruses, normalizes the nervous system of the children. 
  • If you have got the T9 at your home then several family members can use it at the same time sitting on the belt or spreading the belt on the floor and warming up their legs or knee joints etc.

Your health is your wealth, hit that button and shop for the T9 now.

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